AFSOC Headquarters | Nellis AFB, NV

This Design-Build project consisted of a combined HQ AFSOC 563 Operation Location A Facility and 763 MXS HQ Facility. The AFSOC 563 HQ Facility is a 4,238 s.f. administrative support facility housing a permanent staff of approximately nineteen personnel, and conference room space for up to thirty personnel. Project Details

Aircraft Maintenance Complex Fuel Cell | Nellis AFB, NV

The scope of work consists of construction of an approximately 18,202 sf fuel cell maintenance hangar with reinforced concrete foundation and floor slab, structural steel frame, standing seam metal roof, fire detection/protection including high expansion foam system, utilities, site improvements, and access road, hangar apron access pavements/ lighting, markings, and communication support. Bid options include masonry wainscot for the building exterior; thin film flooring in aircraft maintenance area; aircraft pad west of the aircraft apron/access; and parking lot and associated entry drive, pavement marking and walks east across access drive east of the hangar/ maintenance facility. Project Details

Aircraft Operations | Nellis AFB, NV

This contract scopes of work consisted of both a new 13,748 SF Squadron Operations Facility and a 41,244 SF Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMXU) Facility with 4-bay high hangar to support the BRAC directed beddown of F-15C/D and F-16 aircraft. The Squadron Operations/ AMXU facilities supports mission planning, flight operations, direct flightline maintenance functions, mission briefs and debriefs, and squadron administrative support functions. Project Details

Border Patrol Station | Boulevard, CA

Straub served as the design-build contractor for this new Border Patrol Station. This design-build complex builds a 74,284 SF facility including a two-story Main Station, a vehicle service and maintenance building, firing range, an equestrian office, and a kennel facility. Project Details

C-130 Hangar & Administration Unit | Long Beach, CA

As the primary contractor, Straub Construction was charged with constructing a 29,009 SF pre-engineered metal Maintenance Hangar, a 13,756 SF Aircraft Maintenance unit, as well as a large administrative area which surrounds two sides of the hangar and ties into the existing taxiway. Project Details

Consolidated Communications | Pendleton, CA

The 23,935 square foot single-story, High Bay Communication/ Electronics Maintenance Shop is currently under construction and is on schedule and within budget. The CMU building has conventional reinforced concrete footing and slab-on-grade, factory-finished standing seam metal roofing over structural steel framing, steel doors and frames, finished gypsum board over metal stud interior partitions, and suspended acoustical ceiling systems. Functional spaces for the ECMS include maintenance areas for the Communications/Electronics shop, computer classroom, and telecommunication room. Built-in equipment includes vehicle exhaust system. Project Details

Force Intelligence Operations Center | Camp Pendleton, CA

Straub Construction is responsible for Phase III design and construction of six structures, as well as all related site amenities; set on nearly 14 acres within the HQ Area of Camp Pendleton. This project is one of the highest profile projects at MCB Camp Pendleton. Project Details

Human Resources Service Center | San Diego, CA

The new home of the Human Resources Service Center (HRSC) ties its styling and material makeup to the physics of aerodynamics creating a new building type while upholding the principles of the Base Exterior Architectural Plan. The natural landscape setting combined with the use of CMU, glass, and sleek metals design elements “uplift” the building to a commanding presence on the base. The HRSC is a true representation of elegance, function and place. Project Details

INS Sector Support/Air Operations Facility | San Diego, CA

The scope of this project involved construction of four masonry and steel buildings for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service in San Diego, California. Buildings included a facilities maintenance shop, vehicle maintenance garage, electronics shop and air operations facility with single-story and two-story sections totaling 93,000 s.f. The work also involved construction of an 115,000 s.f. concrete helipad and 265,000 of concrete paving for storage and staging of vehicles. Project Details

Vehicle Maintenance Complex | Nellis AFB, NV

Straub was selected as the prime contractor for this project that involved design and construction of a Vehicle Maintenance Complex at Nellis AFB, Nevada. The complex consists of four buildings: a new 33,068 square foot maintenance facility designed for the repair and maintenance of a variety of wheeled vehicles; renovation and repair of an existing 25,858 square foot vehicle maintenance facility; alteration of an existing 4,133 square maintenance including a 144 square foot addition; and, alteration of an existing distinguished visitor operations building consisting of 1,930 square feet. Also included in the scope was construction of a drive-through vehicle wash rack accommodating pickup trucks and HMMV’s and a new 2,000 square foot loading dock. Project Details