Dining & Food Services

Campus Retail Center | Las Vegas, NV

This “phased occupancy facility” project included construction of approximately 21,430 SF of addition and 94,345 SF of alterations consisting of Sales, Nonperishable and Refrigerated Food Storage, Food Processing and Administrative Areas. A high-volume store with $1.2 M in sales per week, it was critical to protect the commissary shoppers, staff personnel, and product. Straub worked with the commissary staff in resequencing the phasing and scheduling of work to minimize impacts on both commissary operations and the commissary shoppers. Sales volume during construction actually increased. Project Details

Multi-level Dormitory & Dining Facilities | Twentynine Palms, CA

This Design-Build project focuses on improving the quality of life for single Marines at Twentynine Palms with a campus approach, similar to college campus design. The work of this project includes the design, engineering, and construction of three dormitory buildings, a dining facility, parking structure and 500-seat open-air amphitheater complex prominently located in the middle of the campus. The dormitory buildings and the dining facility are both contemporary in design and use the base vernacular materials to provide unity and continuity. An artistic use of CMU block, horizontal banding, precast concrete elements, and architectural details creates a new building concept that promotes the contemporary overall campus approach. LEED Gold sustainability and energy efficiency are key elements of the campus design. Project Details