Campus Retail Center

Las Vegas, NV

Project Type:  Design-Build
Owner:  US Army Corps of Engineers
Value:  $14 million
Completion:  2004
  • Retail Facility
  • New Construction / Addition / Alterations
  • 21,430 Square Feet of Addition
  • 94,345 Square Feet of Alterations
  • Completed Ahead of Schedule
  • Zero Reportable Injuries/Lost Workdays
  • Sustainable Design Features Included
  • AGC Safe Site Award, 2003
  • “Above Average” Owner Evaluation

This “phased occupancy facility” project included construction of approximately 21,430 SF of addition and 94,345 SF of alterations consisting of Sales, Nonperishable and Refrigerated Food Storage, Food Processing and Administrative Areas. A high-volume store with $1.2 M in sales per week, it was critical to protect the commissary shoppers, staff personnel, and product. Straub worked with the commissary staff in resequencing the phasing and scheduling of work to minimize impacts on both commissary operations and the commissary shoppers. Sales volume during construction actually increased.

The 8.33 acre site included 240,000 SF of asphalt paving and 31,700 SF of landscape and surface storm drainage.

Straub supplemented the project safety program with regular independent safety audits and was awarded the Associated General Contractors Safe Jobsite Award.