Spanagel Hall & Root Hall

Post-Graduate School, Monterey, CA

Project Type:  Design-Build
Owner:  NAVFAC Southwest
Architect:  RJC Architects
Value:  $24 million
Completion:  2010
  • Post Graduate School
  • Renovation
  • Projected completed ahead of schedule
  • Completed Ahead of Schedule
  • Zero Reportable Injuries/Lost Workdays
  • Sustainable Design Features Included
  • LEED Sustainable Design Features
  • Outstanding” Owner Evaluation

This project modernizes Spanagel Hall and Root Hall at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey. Both buildings provide an applied instruction and combined research laboratory, to accommodate modern teaching and research equipment.

The Graduate School of Engineering and Applied sciences, considered to be the largest and most important department is housed within Spanagel Hall. Both buildings are within a quad composed of 1950’s era architecture and are considered to be of historical significance.

The scope of work consisted of repairs to the first floor, second floor, and roof in Root Hall to comply with current safety and building codes. In addition, repairs from the basement to the fifth floor of Spanagel Hall were required to comply with current critical safety and building codes. The following Mechanical and Life Safety Upgrades were provided:

  • Repaired the buildings to comply with current building codes
  • Removed hazardous materials: asbestos and lead paint
  • Upgraded finishes in public areas: replaced ceiling tiles, carpet, and painted walls
  • Removed and replaced HVAC systems
  • Provided upgrades to the electrical systems
  • Replaced the existing fire protection systems
  • Integrated sustainable strategies in the design
  • Provided 7 temporary buildings for users within classroom and office buildings during construction