DV-3 Vehicle Barrier Fence | Pima County, AZ

The Border Fence project DV-3 is located within the Area of Operation of the Office of Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector, Ajo and Casa Grande Stations and traverses approximately 10.83 miles along the International Boundary between the United States and Mexico, in Pima County, Arizona. Project Details

Missile Transport Bridge | Vandenberg AFB, CA

The Missile Transport Bridge consisted of the design and construction of a 2,098 lineal foot bridge on El Rancho Road over San Antonio Creek. The bridge includes 19 spans with 7-foot dia. CIDH piles of up to 130 ft deep, pile caps, piers, precast girders to support the bridge deck, and 1,329 lf of approach roadway. Related work included new approach pavement, demolition of the existing bridge deck, relocation of existing electrical and communication lines and other utilities, and revegetation and habitat restoration with a one-year habitat monitoring and maintenance period. Project Details

Pavement and Runway Lighting Replacement | March Air Reserve Base, Riverside, CA

The scope of work included the design and construction for the repair of the entire Runway 32/14 Asphaltic Concrete and replacement of airfield lighting at March ARB, CA. The work includes milling and over laying of existing asphaltic concrete pavement, repairing the access road to south-east shack and providing new pavement markings in three phases. Project Details

Waterline SLC-3, Phase 3 | Vandenberg AFB, CA

The scope of work consisted of furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment in connection with the design and construction of approximately 3 miles of underground waterline from South Gate SLC 3, Station 200+00 to Bear Creek Road along Arguello Boulevard and from Station 95+45 to Station 153 + 82 along Bear Creek , and furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment in connection with replacing the pressure reducing valves and all components at Station 200+00 on Arguello Boulevard and at the corner of Monroe Road and Sweeny Road. Project Details