Renewable Energy

Border Patrol Station | Boulevard, CA

Straub served as the design-build contractor for this new Border Patrol Station. This design-build complex builds a 74,284 SF facility including a two-story Main Station, a vehicle service and maintenance building, firing range, an equestrian office, and a kennel facility. Project Details

Human Resources Service Center |

Design/Build for a 56,095 SF new two-story Class-A administrative facility to house consolidated Human Resource Services Center. This facility includes administrative spaces, legal services spaces, waiting areas, file storage, lounges, computer network room, break rooms, conference and training rooms, and men’s and women’s restrooms. Mechanical, electrical, and telecommunications spaces. The project site is located on an environmentally sensitive site within a highly visible section of the base. Project Details

JIEDDO Battle Course | MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, CA

The JIEDDO battle course project is designed to train Marines to identify and defeat Improvised Explosive Devices. The project consisted of three training sites; extensive roadway improvements, a Range Support Facility; as well as Communication Lines and Fiber Optic Cable connection to Camp Wilson. Project Details

Marine Corps Training Center | Oceanside, CA

This project involves Design and construction of two buildings in two different locations. The first building is a multi-story Infantry Training Center (ITC) with Administrative and Support Areas. The second building is a Grounds Maintenance Building (GMB) with a Vehicle Holding Shed. The project total area is 24,962 SF. Project Details

Multi-level Dormitories & Parking Structure | Twentynine Palms, CA

The work of this project includes the design, engineering, and construction of three new dormitory buildings, new off-site chiller, and a new 550+ car parking structure at Twentynine Palms, CA. This project is a LEED Gold certified sustainable project. Project Details

Multi-level Dormitory & Dining Facilities | Twentynine Palms, CA

This Design-Build project focuses on improving the quality of life for single Marines at Twentynine Palms with a campus approach, similar to college campus design. The work of this project includes the design, engineering, and construction of three dormitory buildings, a dining facility, parking structure and 500-seat open-air amphitheater complex prominently located in the middle of the campus. The dormitory buildings and the dining facility are both contemporary in design and use the base vernacular materials to provide unity and continuity. LEED Gold sustainability and energy efficiency are key elements of the campus design. Project Details

Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center | Red Rock Canyon, NV

Less than an hour drive from the Las Vegas strip, the Red Rock Visitor Center has attracted millions of visitors who come to enjoy the majestic natural beauty of the Mojave Desert and learn about conservation and protection of the unique ecosystem of the Red Rock Canyon National Park area. Due to the volume of visitors that increased substantially every year, an improvement program was funded from the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act. The improvement program included a new visitor center with 8,700 square feet of interior space, 44,000 square feet of exterior exhibits, and 5,800 square feet of exterior amphitheater. The old 7,600 square foot center was converted into office space and a workroom area for volunteers and staff members. Project Details