Marine Corps Training Center

Oceanside, CA

Project Type:  Design-Build
Owner:  NAVFAC Southwest
Architect:  KMA Architects
Value:  $10,828,184
Award:  01 May 2009
Completion:  20 August 2010
  • Training Facility
  • New Construction
  • 24,962 Total Square Feet
  • 21.6 kW Solar PV System
  • 108 Roof Mounted Solar Panels Installed
  • Solar Offsets Building Energy Costs by 12.5%
  • USGBC LEED Gold Certification – ITC
  • USGBC LEED Certified – GMB
  • Project was Delivered Ahead of Schedule
  • Overall Cost Savings to the Owner
  • “Outstanding” Owner Evaluation
  • NAVFAC STAR Safety Award

This project involves Design and construction of two buildings in two different locations. The first building is a multi-story Infantry Training Center (ITC) with Administrative and Support Areas. The second building is a Grounds Maintenance Building (GMB) with a Vehicle Holding Shed. The project total area is 24,962 SF.

The Infantry Training Center is a two story office building, housing three separate entities. Functional spaces include the general purpose and computer classrooms, lecture space, and staff office areas. Support spaces includes a media development room, viewing/ TV-VCR room, media/equipment & supply storage areas, instructor computer prep rooms, administrative & support spaces for the various headquarters sections, and a Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) utility room for mechanical, electrical, fire protection and communications. The building is 35 feet in height at the peak of the roof and consists of a combination of split face and precision CMU exterior walls.

Ground Maintenance Building- A 3,027 SF CMU building that provides storage for ground maintenance equipment and supplies. The structure has 14-foot ceilings and includes storage, a single main office and ADA Unisex compliant toilet room. Concrete floors support the use of forklifts within the building, which accommodates one pick-up truck and three John Deere tractors, with roll-up doors sized accordingly. A large exterior overhang of 1,614 SF is used to shade tractor and equipment.